This blog is currently about discovering travel, lifestyle and food in FranceĀ [2017] – Provence and the French Riviera. Yet to come are posts on; Paris, Normandy and the Loire Valley.

I love travelling and I love writing about those trips. I take lots and lots of photos – what you see on these blogs is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

If you want to contact me, the blog email is travellingon2017 at gmail.com

There are also earlier posts on travel in Armenia and Georgia [2013]. Unfortunately for these posts, I didn’t realise I couldn’t alter the order of the posts once I had written them, so you, the reader, will have to choose the posts in numerical order e.g. The first post for the Armenia – Georgia tour is Armenia 1 – the last post is Final thoughts. There are 3 posts on Armenia and 4 on Georgia. If you are reading this before all the photos are up, please come back later in 2018 – hopefully they will get done but I have the posts for my trip in France to complete first.