Un Parfum de Violette – Fourneville, lower Normandy, France – what an amazing place to stay.

P1030422We spent the first night of the tour at Un Parfum de Violette – a wonderfully eclectic, character-filled B&B located in Fourneville, 7 km from Honfleur. (This was in early July 2017)

Un Parfum de Violette is run by Daniel and Laurence, and Daniel built it himself. Daniel has an amazing Salvadore Dali type moustache!


The first thing we saw when we arrived was a colourful gypsy caravan, which is set up as very special romantic retreat. Look at the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The gardens around the house and the caravan are lovely – with an eclectic range of ornaments hung in the trees, such as eggs and lanterns…

… or objects such as stuffed deer with crocheted blankets, watering cans and lounging chairs, placed around the garden … or rambling roses and clumps of hydrangeas – Laurence picks them and uses them in floral arrangements inside the house. IMG_2860

I love the new type of hydrangea (variety paniculata) with large white conical heads.

They are available in New Zealand and I have been planting them in my garden – they look best when planted in groups.

I found an interesting blog about them – if you are interested to read more about this variety go here.

We were shown to our very luxurious bedrooms – I was in the downstairs bedroom – it was wonderful – and the bed was so comfortable that I wished we were staying there all week! I loved the wallpaper with the peacock feathers.IMG_2868

This is the upstairs bedroom …


It  took a while to get there because we were so amazed at all the unique and eclectic things that Laurence has used to decorate the interior of her home and we kept stopping to look at them.

Daniel and Laurence are very special hosts and Daniel cooks the most delicious, mostly vegetarian, food. There is an option to have dinner at the B&B which we took.

We couldn’t eat all of the breakfast as it was so generous – Daniel’s special homemade bread (beside the orange juice) was so delicious that I wished that I had the recipe.

All the meals are served in the dining room / living room – there is so much to look at in all the rooms in the house. Look at the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many of the items inside the house are for sale.


And if you do buy something, you will get it wrapped and put in a decorated bag.


I loved my one night here, and it was so different from anywhere else I stayed in France. It was difficult to choose from the many photos that I took in the short time I was there.

Laurence has made it such a wonderfully different place to stay – it has such character and it is a pleasure to stay there. Un Parfum de Violette consistently gets 9.8 ratings on hotel booking websites and Laurence and Daniel totally deserve those ratings. If I lived closer I would love to visit every year! It is so easy to get to Honfleur and the Normandy coast from here so the next time (wish, wish) I travel in the area, I will definitely be back.

Un Parfum de Violette has its own website, mostly in French. This is their email address for bookings.

However, if you want to book in English, go to Booking.com or one of the other online booking websites. There are lots more fabulous photos on the Booking.com page.

The tour I was on was one organised by Lifestyle Vacations. This is the same company that organised the first tour I did in the south of France – Provence and the French Riviera – see these posts about some of the meals we had – lunch at Bastide, lunch at Paloma, and Lunch at Les Gorges de Pennafort and meeting Nicolas Laty and the Cooking class with Jean-Marc Villard, Luberon. And there are lots more inbetween!

The next post on this Normandy tour is about Honfleur – an amazing well-kept secret!



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  1. What a place! Quaint and colorful and so charming. I would love to stay there. Was that an old oven being used as a dresser / table? It was so unique. And I loved all the flowering plants – saw some pretty hydrangeas, and thanks so much for the mention and link.


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