‘The Prophecy of Amboise’ sound and light show by Damien Fontaine, held in the Royal Château of Amboise

P1040579 ambWhile in the Loire Valley we stayed 3 nights in Amboise and on the way to visit the Amboise Chateau (a separate post), discovered that the sound and light show, ‘The Prophecy of Amboise’ was currently on so we decided to go to the show the next evening. The tickets are 22 euro / adult and 14 euro for children aged 7-14 year and are absolutely worth it. There is a family deal so ask about it.

Note: this is an outside production, and doesn’t start until 10.30 pm (July) and 10 pm (August) as it has to be dark. So remember to wear enough warm clothes as it can be very cold up at the top of the seated area even on a lovely summer evening. The show lasts 75 minutes or so, and you need to be there at least 15 minutes before it starts.

P1040570 ambThe show tells the story of Louise de Savoire and the prophecy that her son, Francois, would against all odds, become King of France. If you want to learn more about him and his life, here is the link to the Wikipedia entry.

P1040623 ambThe production is new this year and is on from July 1 – August 26, 2017. If you are going to be in the area, it is definitely worth going to – in fact, it is wonderful. Animation Renaissance Amboise hope to present it again in 2018 so check out their website here if you are reading this after it finishes in 2017. [If the page doesn’t come up in English choose the UK flag on the top left of the page.]

Watch the trailer for the production here. It will give you an idea of the volunteers’ involvement. And look at more photos of the production on the home page of the website.

P1040584 ambDamien Fontaine, composer and scenographer, is renowned for his multimedia productions in cities all over the world. As the director of Animation Renaissance Amboise, his production about the Amboise Prophecy draws the viewer into fabulous 3D projections, and amazing special effects and optical illusions which interact with the hundreds of performers acting on the stage.

To get an idea of the world class quality of this production, go to Damien’s website (it is in French) and press the play button under his name – you will see videos of what he has done in other cities – they are just amazing and I feel privileged to have been able to attend one of his productions.

P1040641All the performers are volunteers and they work all year towards this show – they are all wonderful – I particularly noticed the person lying on and calming a horse, which was ‘playing dead’ in the middle of several explosions – the horse ‘work’ was so well done and you knew that all the horses were well cared for.

Evidently, as not every volunteer can attend every show, the volunteers might play several parts over the season. The voice-over means that they don’t have to remember lines. An excellent audio guide in English is available, and is essential in order to follow the story if you don’t understand French.

P1040636 ambThis is taken from the website :-
Year round, volunteers work towards the show – they have set up various workshops, some of which create high quality period costumes or specialize in the production of 15th century props. For this new show, the French organization of craftsmen and artisans “les Compagnons du Tour de France” contributed greatly to the production of the new accessories, such as cannons and catapults.

The concept of this new show rests on the overlapping participation of volunteers and skilled performers (for example, the voice-overs have all been recorded by professional actors, most of whom are famous and easy to identify).

The night-time sound and light spectacular ‘The Amboise Prophecy” is also an opportunity for visitors coming to the area, whether in small family groups or as part of organized tours, to discover the rich heritage of the Loire Valley and Touraine Province.P1040642 ambLeonardo de Vinci is mentioned as he lived in Amboise at the end of his life (another post).

I was totally captivated by the wonderful continually changing visual effects which used the chateau walls as a screen. I didn’t want to look away so I took so many photos with the camera balanced on my knees – not all of them came out as it was dark but I was very happy with those that did work however, look at more photos of the production on the home page of the website – the same link as at the top of the page.

P1040614 amb

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