Biot and glass blowing

P1010262 biot

Tour of Provence June 11-21

Day 8 – June 18 – Visit to glass blowing factory at Biot, and lunch at Cafe Orca in Vallauris.

P1010235 biot

We visited the glass blowing factory in Biot – it was very interesting.

P1010236 biot

There were two Czech glass-blowers working when we were there. It is very hot and hard work being a glass blower. I didn’t buy anything from the factory but some of the others did. I just took photos of the glass blowing.

P1010254 biot

There are other galleries in the complex and one had an amazing exhibition of glass work but I couldn’t take photos of anything. They had prices like 14,000 Euro!

P1010261 biot

The factory is in the valley and the main part of the village is high up on the hill so we drove back up to look at it – it was steep enough just walking back up from the first level car park.

It is a very arty place and there were quite a few pieces of art scattered around the village.

Unfortunately we were running late (too much shopping time) so most shops were closing for their lunch break so we didn’t see as much of Biot as I would have like to – especially seeing all about it online afterwards. And Biot is where the glass blower, Nicolas Laty is based. See a previous post.

P1010257 biot
This is above Nicolas Laty’s base – note that it is made up of a lot of jellyfish – his signature glass piece. This is taken from underneath.

However, there were a few shops still open so we had about half an hour before we needed to leave to have lunch. I bought some tea towels and a soft toy for my grandson.

After our brief visit to Biot, we drove to Vallauris (above) where we had lunch at Cafe Orca where we had a very pleasant cafe-style lunch.P1010280 val

P1010287 Val

The plates were different colours as were the water glasses.

However, the portion sizes were enormous – I had two entrees and a dessert. The first entree was a tomato, lettuce and mozzarella salad (above) – it was enough for a main portion especially at lunchtime. The different coloured tomatoes were full of flavour. Then I had pizza (left below) and the deconstructed tiramasu for dessert (right below) – it was delicious.

Vallauris also has a Picasso museum but unfortunately we were now under time constraints and the choice was to visit the hilltop village Eze, or the museum and we chose Eze. (Next post)

So I took some photos of the sculptures in front of the Picasso museum.

P1010300 picP1010299 picP1010298 pic


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