Cooking class with Jean-Marc Villard, Luberon

P1000640 wed
Wonderfully cooked tuna from Le 6 à Table

Tour of Provence – June 11-21, 2017

Day 4 – June 14 – Market cooking class and lunch with Jean-Marc Villard, near Gordes in the Luberon and dinner at Le 6 à Table in Caromb.

We were up early so that we had time to drive to the Luberon area. We met Jean-Marc at the Co-operative indoor market in Gordes where he buys his produce.

He showed us around the market, and then bought the produce that we were going to use in the cooking class.

All the produce is organic and locally produced. And what is available in the shop is what is available – for example, if the tomato season is slow, then there are no tomatoes. Nothing is brought in from another area.

(Above) Shelves of bread and goats cheese in the chiller

P1000466 wedAs we were leaving, a grower brought in bunches of sunflowers.


P1000609 wedJ
Jean-Marc and his wife, Alice, run Cooking classes in English at their home. We were lucky enough to have a cooking class with him on our itinerary. For me it was the highlight of the tour.

We cooked our lunch:

P1000576 wed
Zucchini spaghetti and bell peppers with pastis flavour and arugala pesto
P1000591 wed
Sea bass on fresh garlic puree with green olives, roasted tomatoes and sage sauce
P1000600 wed
Rhubarb and strawberry tart with frangipane cream, with raspberry coulis and yoghurt sorbet.

And because there were zucchini flowers for sale at the market, Jean-Marc bought some and we coated them in tempura batter and fried them – they were delicious as a starter.

P1000571 wed
The female zucchini flowers have the little zucchini attached, and the pieces are torn pieces of the male flowers. Served with arugala (rocket) pesto.

Afterwards we sat outside on the terrace and enjoyed the fruits of our labours. I was really pleased that my cold, although I wasn’t feeling great, had not stopped me taking part in the class. The antihistamine was helping!

This is the link to Corinne’s website for a similar one day cooking class with Jean-Marc not attached to a longer tour. So if you are in the Luberon, think about doing this class – it was the highlight of the trip for me.

This is me cooking, then enjoying the wine (looking a bit tired by then)!

After we managed to tear ourselves away, we drove back to L’Aube Safran going through or past hilltop villages.

We stopped briefly in Roussillon. This village sits high up the mountain and is an artists’ mecca, mainly because of the colour of the rocks. All these hill top villages have very narrow roads which makes for some interesting driving moments when inexperienced drivers try to do things they can’t! We waited for quite a while in Roussillon while this happened.

Dinner that night was at Le 6 à Table in Caromb, a village near where we were staying. This was a delicious meal. I had a langoustine starter and seared tuna for my main. It was probably the best cooked tuna I have ever had.


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