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Tour of Provence June 11-21, 2017

Day 7 – June 17 – Cannes

We drove into Cannes, eventually found a car park, and then walked to the very large daily market.

P1000847 canCannes seems very tidy and clean, in fact I saw bill boards in several languages saying that if you litter, you will get an instant fine of 180 Euro! It obviously works.

We passed a Cinema – not that I realised that was what it was when I took the photo (below).

P1000835 can

These photos are from the market – most are self-explanatory!

P1010014 (1) can
White asparagus

Yes, they are snails on the left, and frozen frogs’ legs on the right – imported!

Goats cheese on the left and a paella on the right – being sold to people at the market.

Langestine on the left, roses on the right.

If you love your dog enough you will buy him a special bowl (L)
Making socca – it is a corn pancake – I didn’t like it. (R)

We walked along the waterfront and had a go at being children – the seat was a little narrow for an adult!

P1010043 can

Then we walked past the open air market which was selling antiques and paintings.

This looks very real until you see the legs underneath on the right!

P1010022 can

My merry-go-round ride – a bit narrow….

The view of the beach- note the enormous yacht in the top right of the right photo.

We then went to the Carlton and had a cold drink while Corinne walked back to the car (oh the joys of being the Tour Leader) and came and collected us.

P1010058 can

The light is inside the Carlton and the garden was at the hotel’s entrance. The building was covered in bright blue advertising – I thought the ‘old girl’ would be most embarrassed at what she had come down to.

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