Avignon – Popes’ Palace

P1000091 PP
This was photographed from the film that I got the tapestry shots from (below) – we weren’t allowed to photograph the actual tapestries.

Day 2 Avignon – 9th June 2017

After a delicious breakfast (they were all delicious) I headed out to do some sight seeing. The first thing I did was to find an Orange mobile network shop and buy a French Sim card – which I managed to do as one of the sales people spoke some English – it cost me 15 Euro for him to set it up though!

Don’t assume that everyone speaks even a little English – many French people don’t speak English at all.

P1000055 camille 5

After that, I walked through the town to find the shop that sells second hand English books (above) – Madeleine (with 3 ‘e’s) and Derrick (with 2 ‘r’s) had told me about this shop. I tracked it down and spent a pleasant half an hour there drinking a delicious white tea. I have put more information about Camili Books and Tea shop on the Avignon, 2017 post.

After that it was nearly 2 pm and I wasn’t really hungry, but I decided to get something to eat before the restaurants closed for their afternoon break. I found a restaurant that was serving good looking food (always pays to look at what other people are eating). I chose an Italian salad as it sounded good – which it was until I found a dead bug in it – I showed it to the waitress who just took the bug away and did nothing else. No apology or anything.

P1000132 PPAfter that I went to the Popes’ Palace and spent an hour and three quarters there – I didn’t take the free audio guide as I like doing my own thing and just wandering and reading what I can. Here is the link to the Google photos album – Popes’ Palace. Sorry, but no descriptions, but the scaffolding is set up for a bit concert during the festival in July and the tapestries and the very blue sky image of the palace are not my photos – I took photos of the film that was showing.

P1000130 frescoThe tiny blue fresco on a piece of the ceiling is the Prophets Fresco – there are images of the prophets.

The information films that are available to watch are excellent and definitely worth sitting down for a while to watch – anyway, the Palace is so big that I was pleased to have a reason to sit down. It was lovely and cool in the Palace so I wasn’t in any great hurry to leave.

There was an art exhibition on in the grounds – some interesting pieces.

On the way back to the B&B I bought a mille feuille – layers of pastry and custard – but actually it wasn’t as good as some I have had in New Zealand – the pastry was too firm so the custard squished out everywhere when I tried to eat it – but I did manage!

I was fairly tired afterwards and hot, so I went to the restaurant by the door of the B&B and had a beer – it tasted so good in that heat – it is too hot for wine. Then for a meal I went back to the restaurant which was a mistake as the food was rather boring – I had vegetable pie which was overpriced for what it was – I wish I had gone back to the cafe from the night before. However, I had another beer which was good, went for a brief walk back to take more photos of the lavender and the bridge and then ‘home’ to bed.

P1000139 bridgeI didn’t sleep very well – I kept waking in the middle of the night but then usually managed to go back to sleep. I have never had this much problem before but maybe it was because I wasn’t taking my homeopathic No Jet Lag pills that I usually take (because I was sick). So obviously they work! 

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